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Your farm holiday

A farm stay features lots of benefits for the whole family. An exciting adventure for children, an essence of genuineness for adults, a return to childhood for grandparents. You can fully experience all of it during your stay on Lüch da Fussè organic farm in Badia, specialized in breeding Brown Swiss dairy cattle. The authentic farmhouse dating back to 1740, though recently renovated, preserves all its historic charm. The diligent family management reveals the true passion of farmers, who personally care about their farm, about the health of their animals and the well-being of their guests. Part of Bioland South Tyrol and Red Rooster associations, Lüch da Fussè Farm combines traditions with modern technologies, ensuring the highest quality of its products and a warm welcome to all its visitors.

Red Rooster

Best farm holidays in South Tyrol

Lüch da Fussè in Badia is a certified three-flower (equiv. ***) farm of the Red Rooster association, that unites the best farms with accommodation facilities in South Tyrol. A certification that promises more than just a comfortable stay. A holiday on Lüch da Fussè Farm is, in fact, a 360-degree experience, full of emotions, discoveries, adventures, where everyone can feel a bit like a child. Starting the day with a tasty breakfast based on genuine products, some of which come directly from the farm. Attending the farmers’ work in the meadows and in the barn. Serving yourself from the garden with various vegetables and aromatic herbs. Getting to know farm animals and their habits. These are just some of the many elements of the extremely rich and varied holiday that is waiting for you at Lüch da Fussè.


Organic and eco-friendly

Lüch da Fussè Farm makes part of the Bioland South Tyrol Association, dedicated to ethical and organic farming, with a focus on animal health, on the efficient use of natural resources, on reduced environmental impact and on the quality of the final products. All thanks to a well-balanced combination of tradition, passion, scientific approach, and modern technologies. Without forgetting eco-sustainability, which the farm fully supports through the use of natural materials, photovoltaic panels and biomass boiler (wood chips).


Holidays with the little ones

A holiday on Lüch da Fussè farm is a unique experience for the whole family, full of surprises and wonderful moments. Children, free to run around barefoot, are welcome to explore the farm, having fun on the playground and making friends with cows, pigs, rabbits, and hens. And parents, in the meantime, can relax on the sun loungers with a panoramic view or prepare a tasty barbecue in the open air. And then the whole family can hike towards La Crusc Summer Park or, in the cold season, make funny snowmen and go skiing or sledding in the Dolomites. On Lüch da Fussè farm there is always lots to do, to explore and to enjoy.

About us

Authentic family atmosphere

Here it’s evident for everyone that farming is a family business. Not just work, it has always been a passion, handed down from father to son. That’s why a farm turns into a cultural blend between different generations where the experience of the elderly meets the energy of the young. The seniors Rudi and Irma, their son Walter and his wife Verena - everyone plays an essential role on the farm, helping each other out in the stable, in the meadows, with cleaning and welcoming guests. While baby Barbara simply brings joy to the whole family and brightens up every day with her games and smiles.

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